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Seeing Beauty in Hurt (and 4 Verses to Get Through It)

Losing your keys. Forgetting about a meeting. Having your wallet stolen. Watching news about murders in your neighbourhood. Losing a loved one. Time passes by: work, children, spouses, dinners, walks, sleep. Day by day, the same thing. One day, you may wake up and acknowledge the unhappiness inside you. And in that moment, you also […]


3 Steps to Be More Grateful for What God Offers

  We live in the century of speed. Every day we’re in a hurry to do everything as quickly as possible just to get to our next to-do list – over and over again. We keep our minds and bodies so busy that, many times, we simply forget to thank God for every good thing […]


4 Ways To Understand The Bible Better

We all know that the Holy Book is filled with helpful pieces of advice offered through psalms, verses or other forms. However, there are many times when we fail to understand certain passages or we simply don’t notice lessons that could change our lives. But how could we study the Bible so that we truly […]


4 Ways To Get in Touch With the Lord More Often

At times, it might seem difficult to connect to the Lord in order to communicate and find a couple of moments of peace. As you may already know, special interractions of this kind happen only in moments of solitude. While there is no need to study meditation techniques or special prayers, it is highly important […]

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