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5 Tips To Bring God Into Your Life Every Day

Detach Yourself… from Yourself. Most people don’t realize, but we become so focused on our own self and our image in society that we often forget about God. It’s important to always leave room for the Lord to enter your life too. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop and take a moment to think about God. […]


7 Bible Verses And Prayers For The Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Grief is probably one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. We keep trying to understand what’s happening, why did it happen this way and who’s to blame. What happened in Las Vegas is truly beyond words. There is no way to describe such a horrible tragedy and no one could take away […]


How to Start a Church

The reasons to start a church can be different. Your local church may displease you, some traditions may be neglected or simply there is no spiritual community in your area. And one day, an idea to establish your own fellowship can come to your mind. Naturally, the most important thing in this challenge is your […]


5 Famous People Who Died Tragically After Mocking God

1. John Lennon (The Beatles) Even though you weren’t born in that generation, you probably know who The Beatles wore. Back in those days, the world was madly in love with the band leader, John Lennon. At some point, the man declared: “Christianity will end, it will disappear. I do not have to argue about […]


Illuminati Truths That Will Leave You Simply Shocked

Although we are Christians and we know the Lord is on our side, we can’t help but see the evil around us. We live in a society filled with sin and symbolism – and Illuminati is one of the most popular evil secret organizations we know of. But what’s the deal with it anyway? How […]

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