3 Women In The Bible Who Changed History

brave women who changed history

1. Abigail

The name of ‘Abigail’ means ‘The joy of the Father’ – and so this brave woman did by protecting David and truly relying on her faith.

One day, David came knocking at the house of Abigail and her husband, Nabal. David, who was about to become King, came asking for some food for him and his army. Not only did Nabal refused to help David, but he also questoned his status by saying ‘Who is this David?’

As the Bible says, ‘Abigail acted quickly.’ (1 Sam. 25:18) Having God in her heart, she knew that she needed to help David get through with his God-designed plan. Therefore, in spite of her husband refuse to help David, she created a secret plan, ‘…under cover of the mountain.’ (1 Sam. 25:20)