3 Women In The Bible Who Changed History

proverbs 21-14

Abigail gathered her most precious possessings. She met with David and bowed down while offering him her gifts. Also, she asked for forgiveness on behalf of her husband, Nabal. (1 Sam. 25:23) David was so surprised of her gesture that, during his prayers, he thanked God for sending Abigail to help him. In exchange, the Lord brought justice to Nabal and made the woman’s life better in every way.

WHAT TO LEARN: Abigail was willing to risk her marriage and even her safety because of what she felt that was the right thing to do. This is why you should remember that no matter what your situation may be, if something inside you tells you to do a certain thing, you should listen to it – and the Lord will be with you on every step from that moment on!