What Does The Bible Actually Say About Sex?

These days, sex is one of the most promoted things. It’s a well known fact that, as the media says, ‘sex sells.’ However, beneath all the publicity and the gossip, what does sex really mean? What does the Bible say about it?

Discussing sex as a Christian is often a bit uncomfortable. However, once we understand what and when it’s right, we will have a better understanding over practicing this matter.

Is the sexual pleasure alright with the Bible?

A quick look into the Holy Book reveals the fact that sexual activities are strongly linked to marriage. However, the opinions regarding what the Bible really meant are divided into multiple ways.
Some think that sex may only be used for reproduction purposes. Others may believe that sex represents the unification of two spirits, two God-given bodies, two souls – a proof of love.
But let’s see what is written in the Bible exactly:

So what is the conclusion of this powerful Bible verse?