Why Do We Have Christmas Trees? Reasons, History And Fun Facts

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, everybody’s in a hurry to get everything done in time. The stars of the season? Christmas trees. Regardless of the size, color or decorations, the winter holidays just wouldn’t be the same without this evergreen natural symbol. Still, why do we do it? Why this specific tree? The answer lies in the past..

A brief history of the Christmas Tree Tradition…


Ever since the Ancient Rome times, Romans celebrated New Year’s Eve by decorating their houses with evergkreen tree branches. The ancient inhabitants of northern Europe also saw evergreen trees as a special symbol, which is why they planted them in boxes and kept them inside their homes until the end of the cold season (sounds familiar?). However, the early Christians did not agree to these traditions. In fact, Tertullian, who was an important second-century theologian, really condemned the Christians who (…)