Why Does God Allow Tragedy To Happen?

If He is almighty and He has enough power to do anything, why doesn’t He stop the evil?

This question is quite difficult and some people may never get its answer. As we know from the Bible, there have been many times when people were miraculously healed by the Lord or through his son, Jesus.

Psalm 147-2

So we know that salvation is indeed possible to those in trouble – whether their pain is physical, psychologycal or spiritual. But how do miracles apply when thousands of people are in trouble at once?

Well, most of the times, they don’t. This is the faith that the first people who existed (Adam and Eve) created. If there were no evil on this planet, what would make it different from Heaven? This is the main difference. However, that doesn’t mean that God shows no mercy for us or that He doesn’t care about us.