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‘Heil Trump’ Message Written On US Churces

‘Heil Trump’ And Other Nazi-Like Messages Written On US Churces Ever since Donald Trump was elected as the new President of the United States, the Christian churches in every state experienced a lot of suffering. Among the main reasons, there were the outrageous declarations Trump made, especially regarding racism of all kinds. Donald Trump’s most […]


Christian Singer Lacey Sturm on How She Healed After Violence And Suicide Attempt

The latest book released by Lacey Sturm is called ‘The Mystery: Finding Love in a World of Broken Lovers’ and describes some of the most painful and agonizing experiences a woman can go through: an affair with a married man, violence, divorce and even several suicide attempts. Lacey Sturm was the first female vocalist to […]


How Do You TWEET The Bible? New Study Shows Results That Will Amaze You

“Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you.” – Psalm 56:3 Have you tweeted this Bible verse? If you haven’t, you’ll probably use a lighter skin tone for your emoji. How do we know that?   A recent study created by Andrew McGill from The Atlantic entitled “Why White People Use White Emojis” shows […]


Prayers In Egypt Go To The Christian Who Was Brutally Killed

Today, many Christians gathered to discuss and pray for the loss of an Egyptian Christian who was brutally murdered before his house was torched down. The man, Fam Khalef, who was only 27 years old, had been living with his family in the Tahna al-Gabal village for quite a while. What seemed to start out as […]


Statistics Show That Americans Lost Their Faith In Churches – Is It True?

According to the latest research results published by the Pew Research Center, every four in ten Americans no longer have faith – in churches. More precisely, 40% of the total USA inhabitants don’t give any credit to churches and their role in today’s society. The last time people were asked wether churches matter or not in […]

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