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5 Reasons Why God Didn’t Answer Your Prayers (Yet!)

Sometimes, even the most faithful people are doubting the fact that God is listening to them. Although you may see this as a foolish thing to do, there is actually some logic behind it! The best examples come from people whose lives are put to the test. Sometimes it’s lack of money, other times it’s […]


20 Reasons Why Marriages Fail (Part 1)

1. Lack of Forgiveness Forgiveness is a key factor in relationships, especially when it comes to marriages! Instead of focusing on what your spouse has done wrong, try to reflect on your positive feelings and extend your ability to forgive, to love and to move on. One good way to do that is to think […]


5 Good Reasons To Really Trust God

Who guides your life? Who do you trust enough to jump when he says ‘jump?’ What does make your life the way it is? While some may answer that they make their own destiny and others could say that it’s their best friend, the truth is that.. The Lord guides our every step of this […]


18 Prayers & Verses That Will Cure You

Most people think that there’s nothing worse than disease – physical, mental or spiritual. In fact, there is. Sometimes, people are suffering without even knowing they are. Negative feelings such as anger, sadness or disappointment slowly come creeping in – so slow, you don’t even notice. You live your life as usual for a while. Then […]

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