Christian Singer Lacey Sturm on How She Healed After Violence And Suicide Attempt

The latest book released by Lacey Sturm is called ‘The Mystery: Finding Love in a World of Broken Lovers’ and describes some of the most painful and agonizing experiences a woman can go through: an affair with a married man, violence, divorce and even several suicide attempts.

Lacey Sturm was the first female vocalist to enter the Billboard top 100 while being the member of a hard rock band. At the time, she was an atheist.


Although she was gifted with much talent and beauty, Lacey considered that it was ‘stupid’ to obey any form of authority. She was a rebel and didn’t believe in anything – especially God. However, the trials she was about to go through next would teach her a very valuable lesson; a lesson that literally saved her life.

Lacey was still a church member when her affair with Nathan, a married man, had begun. At the time, all of her friends and acquaintances at the church told encouraged her to end the relationship. However, their advice would make her even angrier and eventually she turned against them.