Christian Singer Lacey Sturm on How She Healed After Violence And Suicide Attempt

“In the end, God is the God of all authorities. He’s the highest authority and He loves you and He can totally defend us and protect us.”

This is the main reason behind her new book as well: to show people that regardless of what they’ve been through, God offers them enough healing to feel peace again. As she says herself, it’s all up to us whether we want to change our lives for the better or not. “We can actually choose to come out of it. It doesn’t feel like you have any choices, but you can actually choose.”

Nowadays, Lacey Sturm is feeling good now that she found peace with the Lord and feels hopeful again. Her new goal is to help people discover their way towards a better life.


“There are so many people who have those questions, are in the middle of facing those choices, or on the other side of them and they feel worthless because of the mess they caused, like I did, and the despair of life,” she said. “I just wanted to share how you can get through this time and make good choices that bring life to those destructive situations and heal from it.”