Prayers In Egypt Go To The Christian Who Was Brutally Killed

Today, many Christians gathered to discuss and pray for the loss of an Egyptian Christian who was brutally murdered before his house was torched down.

The man, Fam Khalef, who was only 27 years old, had been living with his family in the Tahna al-Gabal village for quite a while. What seemed to start out as a small religious conflict between Muslims and Christian children led into a great fight in the village.

One night, a group of Muslims attacked Christians from the village. The men, who were armed with batons and knives, brutally attacked Christian priests. Fam Khalef was killed during the fight and his house was burnt to the ground.


However, this is not the first incident of this kind. In fact, altercations between Christians and Muslims happen more frequently than ever in the history of Egypt. Another group of Muslims, which has not been found yet, torched a children nursery along with 4 other houses believed to hold and help Christians in need. Police are still looking for the main suspects. Moreover, only a few months ago, a group of Muslims forced a Christian woman to take her clothes off and walk down the streets of a small village naked.


Approximately 10% of the population of Egypt is made of Christians. The other 90% is mostly made of Sunni Muslims and other minorities belonging to the Muslim religion. These days, all prayers go to Fam Khalef, the 27 year old man who was brutally murdered; Christians who started small protests are heard saying repeatedly “With blood and soul, we redeem the cross.”