Statistics Show That Americans Lost Their Faith In Churches – Is It True?

According to the latest research results published by the Pew Research Center, every four in ten Americans no longer have faith – in churches.

More precisely, 40% of the total USA inhabitants don’t give any credit to churches and their role in today’s society.

The last time people were asked wether churches matter or not in society, in 2012, over 2/3 of them answered affirmatively. Furthermore, back in 2007, over 75% were actually convinced that society wouldn’t be as good without the direct implication of churches. Since then, things have changed, apparently. But why is it so?



One of the reasons, as specialists claim, might be the variety of religious beliefs of the American citizens. Apart from the thinking differences between Catholics and Protestants, for instance, there are also a few trends that changed the way people look at churches.

Perhaps the most popular one, at least in the few years, is atheism. It seems that atheists are convinced of the fact that the church brings little contribution to the evolution of the society, many of them considering that it is actually nothing more than a business.

Another trend that has an increasing number of “fans” is that of the religious “nones.” However, it’s interesting that people following this trend believe that the church helps certain members of the society, such as the poor, solve some of their problems and help their personal development.

Either way, only 19% of the total number of US citizens claim that the church helps the society “a great deal” followed by 38%, who aren’t sure about the effectiveness of the church activities upon society members.


What do you think about it? Do you feel that the church helps the society grow?