Why is divorce a bad thing?

In every family, there are difficult times when it seems that nothing is left between you and your husband or a wife. Such period is an almost inevitable challenge that can be at any family or at the most families. The main thing here –do not let oneself be guided by the immediate emotional experience of the situation. A person has the will, the mind and the soul, so when one of it doesn’t “work”, then something another may help.

A happy marriage is primarily about love, respect and desire to find points of contact with the spouse; it is also a struggle with your own flaws and reconciliation with flaws of your beloved person; it is common interests, the development and work on oneself.

The laws of love

Love has its laws too. For example, the law of correspondence says: love prefers equal. If you respect yourself, then ask God for a decent man or woman. A person, who will love you, will not hurt you and you will be a unity. Another law is the law of development. A good family should grow. Each family member has to develop! But if one spouse stops it, or even worse –flutters down, degrades and the other spouse works on oneself and his career, then through the time these people become strangers to each other, because they are different in a level and interests.

But remember that quarrels, an irritation and some confusion – it runs through every family, but you shouldn’t think that it will accompany you the whole family life. There you learn to love each other and to get used to each other. Often it also happens that before two souls find each other and create a happy family, they pass preparatory lessons in other relationships that are important for their future. Couples practice, gain the necessary qualities, learn to love, to forgive, to tolerate, to understand people and more. Then, when they meet real love, they will be prepared for any difficulties of family relations. If you still have not met a person who would share your hobbies and would have the same interests, then try to attend Christian dating where you find a life partner or just religious friends.

Is divorce a sin?

For some people divorce is bad, for others is good. It depends on the situation. Of course, we must strive to love once and forever. But not always things happen so, as the saying goes “man proposes and God disposes”.

Almost every religious structure is related to the divorce between a man and a woman as to the sin. Christians have an extremely negative attitude to divorce, allowing it only when a marital infidelity or a death of the husband or wife has happened.

To divorce or not

Just understand that marriage is not only a joint life and children. It is a hard, daily, persistent and always team work. Every problem has a root cause; you can find a way out or even two from every life situation! The main thing is to understand it in time, accept and make right conclusions.

The Church knows no such thing as divorce. Church will not break a marriage between a man and a woman that was made in heaven, because it is a sin. Such reasons as: people don’t like each other anymore, the husband doesn’t earn a lot of money or drink alcohol etc. are not reasons for the divorce in the Orthodox Church. Religion teaches us to endure, to try to rectify the situation, as the wedding ceremony unites husband and wife forever.