18 Prayers & Verses That Will Cure You

Most people think that there’s nothing worse than disease – physical, mental or spiritual.

In fact, there is. Sometimes, people are suffering without even knowing they are. Negative feelings such as anger, sadness or disappointment slowly come creeping in – so slow, you don’t even notice.

You live your life as usual for a while. Then suddenly you start noticing that something’s wrong. You lie to yourself saying it’s all in your head, when it fact.. you are ill.

Being sad is okay. Being angry is ok. Accpeting what you feel – physically, mentally or spiritually – is the first step towards healing. Some people feel ashamed of their illness, others pretend that everything’s alright, but in the end it’s not.

We’re only human and we can change anytime. God gives us enough strength to do that.


He gives us strength.

2 Timothy 1-7