5 Good Reasons To Really Trust God

Who guides your life? Who do you trust enough to jump when he says ‘jump?’ What does make your life the way it is?

While some may answer that they make their own destiny and others could say that it’s their best friend, the truth is that.. The Lord guides our every step of this journey called life. And that feeling inside our hearts, the feeling that we belong to someone, is coming from Above.

God is showing us which path to follow and what to do through a series of signs, feelings and thoughts that we must notice and follow. Yet somehow, it’s quite difficult to understand His decisions! Sometimes God may direct us to a road with many trials that bring suffering. Why would he do that? Why does God allow us to get hurt so often? Does He even exist?

Of course he does. This kind of questions come in our moments of insecurity, dispair, anger or sadness. But even more than that, they reveal our doubt regarding the One who created this whole world! Sometimes we may be uncertain because of our lack of knowledge.

Below, you can see 10 reasons why you can always trust God’s word and follow it no matter what: