5 Reasons Why God Didn’t Answer Your Prayers (Yet!)

5. You gave up.

Many people often reach this stage when they’ve been praying for a while, but there hasn’t been any change in their lives. They’re easy to recognize: they’re the hopeless ones, the ones that treat each day like the last one and feel no joy about anything anymore. They lack hope.

There are so many examples of miracles happening just when people were about to give everything up, it would take us years to count them. What’s interesting is that God doesn’t always give us something physical that helps us achieve our goals, but rather something spiritual, something inside us that keeps us going.

Let’s take, for instance, people with disabilities; people whose lives turned around because of a terrible accident or other kind of misfortune. Look at the Paralympic competitions. All of those people out there received a miracle from God just when they thought their life was over! So don’t lose hope, EVER, because God will step in just when you need it the most! Don’t stop praying, don’t stop believing in our Creator!