Illuminati Truths That Will Leave You Simply Shocked

Although we are Christians and we know the Lord is on our side, we can’t help but see the evil around us. We live in a society filled with sin and symbolism – and Illuminati is one of the most popular evil secret organizations we know of.

But what’s the deal with it anyway? How do the Illuminati act against Christians and, more importantly, can they really control our lives as it is claimed?

How can we recognize the Illuminati and how can be sure that someone – famous or not – is part of their evil scheme?

Here are 10 things every Christian should know about this mysterious organization:


What is the meaning of ‘Illuminati?’

Illuminati literally means ‘enlighted’ in Latin. The name of the organization is also strongly connected to certain ideas and symbols of Satan.

In Isaiah 14:12, Lucifer is referred to as ‘heylel’ which means ‘morning star.’ Satan deceives people by promising them that he can show them the ‘light,’ the ‘all-knowing way to power and knowledge.’

In other words, it’s easier to worship the Devil than the Lord because he promises simple ways to live a seemingly perfect life. Of course, this is impossible, but desperate times call for desperate measures and weak people who don’t believe in God’s word will fall into Satan’s trap.