Illuminati Truths That Will Leave You Simply Shocked

What’s the thing with the all-seeing eye?

We see it on our dollar bills, celebrities use gestures to picture it and it’s included in many logos and images from the media: the so-called all-seeing eye. In fact, it dates way back to the Egyptian era!

Also known as ‘The Third Eye,’ this symbol usually means a person’s ability to see beyond the world around him/her; to obtain full knowledge of everything and become all-knowing. We already know that God is the only One who knows everything – and that’s exactly what the Devil uses to attract us towards him. We’re attracted to power.

In fact, when Satan came to Adam and Eve disguised as a serpent, he promised them that eating from the apple tree would ‘open their eyes’ and reveal more than there was in Heaven. This is what happens today too, more or less.