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Why Do We Have Christmas Trees? Reasons, History And Fun Facts

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, everybody’s in a hurry to get everything done in time. The stars of the season? Christmas trees. Regardless of the size, color or decorations, the winter holidays just wouldn’t be the same without this evergreen natural symbol. Still, why do we do it? Why this specific tree? […]


3 Women In The Bible Who Changed History

Along the history of humanity, there were many brave people; people who were willing to risk their lives for what they truly believed in – what they were so desperately trying to save. Those real heroes, who are still remembered by the world, changed the way we live our lives. They changed us. More often […]


Why Does God Allow Tragedy To Happen?

In one of our previous posts, we explained the main reasons why God lets people suffer. You can see the full post HERE. But what about the suffering of a whole nation? What about those tragic events that destroyed the lives of hundreds – or even thousands – of people? Earthquakes, tornadoes, conflagration that bring […]


What Does God Think About Today’s Music?

As we all know, today’s music is mostly about promoting things we should stay away from. From drugs to alcohol, showing too much skin and sex, everything related to the latest hits invites us to sin. Furthermore, there are the so-called Illuminati hidden messages between the songs which, as it turns out, might praise Satan. […]


What Does The Bible Actually Say About Sex?

These days, sex is one of the most promoted things. It’s a well known fact that, as the media says, ‘sex sells.’ However, beneath all the publicity and the gossip, what does sex really mean? What does the Bible say about it? Discussing sex as a Christian is often a bit uncomfortable. However, once we understand […]

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