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7 Bible Verses And Prayers For The Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Grief is probably one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. We keep trying to understand what’s happening, why did it happen this way and who’s to blame. What happened in Las Vegas is truly beyond words. There is no way to describe such a horrible tragedy and no one could take away […]


How to Start a Church

The reasons to start a church can be different. Your local church may displease you, some traditions may be neglected or simply there is no spiritual community in your area. And one day, an idea to establish your own fellowship can come to your mind. Naturally, the most important thing in this challenge is your […]


Why is divorce a bad thing?

In every family, there are difficult times when it seems that nothing is left between you and your husband or a wife. Such period is an almost inevitable challenge that can be at any family or at the most families. The main thing here –do not let oneself be guided by the immediate emotional experience […]


8 Surprisingly Devoted Christian Celebrities

Carrie Underwood For the past few years, Carrie Underwood has been a real sensation in the country music world. The award-winning singer has been performing many faith-based songs including ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’ or ‘Something In The Water.’ The young woman grew up mostly in the church and, when asked about her faith, she answered: […]

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