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How We Can Enjoy Sex More Using God’s Vision

As you’ve probably heard during the past few months, the whole world opened up regarding sexual abuse and how it affected their lives. As one of the cruellest acts of violence against women, the godly act of reproduction was turned into a heart-breaking event that ruins the lives of others. What the Bible Says Although […]


5 Prayer Tips to Talk to God Easier

Create a special place for prayer It doesn’t really matter where you pray – what matters is to be consistent. What really matters when praying is to be in a quiet place when no one can disturb you. This way, you can really get in touch with the Lord and listen to what He has […]


5 Simple Ways To Help Someone Else Today (For Free)

We all want to help those around us and everybody knows that it’s what God Himself taught us to do. However, many people think that they don’t have enough possibilities for that. To be honest, most of the ways we can help someone require money in some way or another… or is that so? Well, […]

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