3 Reasons Why God Lets You Suffer (and 5 Verses To Cure Suffering)

There is so much pain in the world around us. We see it on the news, we see it on the streets and sometimes we experience it ourselves. Why do we have to go through disappointment, sadness, anger, grief? What is the purpose of these negative feelings after all?

god is good


We know that God is meant to protect us from evil – yet there are so many hard times and troubles that happen unexpectedly.

More and more people are suffering so much they reach depression, more and more people are suffering from illness, from poverty, from war, from losing someone.

Now how could a God so good allow such great pain to billions of people every day?


Let’s think about it for a moment: what causes suffering after all? Events.


1 corinthians 10-13


Whether you lose your job, someone disappears from your life, your family goes through a rough period, all of these factors are events. But even more than that, they are trials.


We face bigger or smaller trials everyday and yes, indeed, some of them cause great pain to us. But what are trials and why do they come and go on a daily basis?