5 Reasons Why God Didn’t Answer Your Prayers (Yet!)

Sometimes, even the most faithful people are doubting the fact that God is listening to them. Although you may see this as a foolish thing to do, there is actually some logic behind it!

The best examples come from people whose lives are put to the test. Sometimes it’s lack of money, other times it’s marriage issues, family misunderstandings, friends’ betrayal and it can go on to even worse cases like losing the ones we love.. These are the moments when our faith is being tested. But why?


You already know that God is doing everything He’s doing to teach you a lesson and I think we’ve all learnt so much from everything we’ve been through during our time on Earth. Sometimes, though, all of these trials may become overwhelming and we just don’t know what to do! You’ve probably even thought ‘Okay, God, I know that this life on Earth means very little compared to what You’ve prepared for me in Heaven, but how can I get through these difficult times once and for all? How can I make it?’

But God never answered… and that’s when negative feelings such as anger and sadness may come creeping into your soul.

‘Fine, You put me through trials so I can learn something and become a better person, but why aren’t You answering my prayers?

Why don’t You tell me what to do?!’

Well, here are a few reasons…