How We Can Enjoy Sex More Using God’s Vision

As you’ve probably heard during the past few months, the whole world opened up regarding sexual abuse and how it affected their lives. As one of the cruellest acts of violence against women, the godly act of reproduction was turned into a heart-breaking event that ruins the lives of others.

What the Bible Says

Although sexual abuse has only been mediatized recently, it has been there since we can remember. Apparently, some of us seem to simply never learn anything from our previous mistakes.

A quick look at Genesis 3 reveals how human physical cravings lead to a complete disaster that sent all humanity from Heaven to Earth.

But physical contact should be made of nothing but love, purity, respect and faith. As God Himself beautifully explains it:

‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ – Ephesians 5:31-32

In other words, we should view romantic relationships and marriage just as Christ views the church: a combination of pure feelings of peace, admiration and unity.

What Intercourse Actually Means

The so-called rules of Christianity are more and more often seen as too strict or even unjustified. Of course, once we get to experience sexuality through the image envisioned by Christianity, we learn that it gives us much greater spiritual satisfaction. So what does sex actually mean from a Christian point of view?

When Two Become One…

Biologically speaking, the main purpose of sex is reproduction; God left this act for both humans and animals for our species to thrive and evolve constantly. However, there is another equally important reason for sex: oneness.

In God’s vision, sex is used for two people who love each other to become one, in both flesh and spirit. It’s only this way that a couple can feel complete.


Serving Each Other In Happiness

Our Lord has left the act of sex to people as a gift – and we do not necessarily mean the gift of virginity. Every sexual act is a gift that a person gives to another; not for physical pleasure, but for happiness, fulfilment, love and peace.


As long as we take these spiritual teachings into account, our lives will benefit from a new perspective. In other words, sexual intercourse – as seen from a Christian point of view – can and will be a source of joy, peace, purity and happiness.