Seeing Beauty in Hurt (and 4 Verses to Get Through It)

Losing your keys. Forgetting about a meeting. Having your wallet stolen. Watching news about murders in your neighbourhood. Losing a loved one. Time passes by: work, children, spouses, dinners, walks, sleep. Day by day, the same thing.

One day, you may wake up and acknowledge the unhappiness inside you. And in that moment, you also notice how much unhappiness is around you as well. Disasters, fights, sadness, losses – not all of them affect you directly, but all of them have a strong impact upon your state. Sadly, they can’t be avoided.

You pray, we pray for the health of our loved ones, you pray for strength, you pray for happiness, for love, for survival, for peace.. but there are times when you can’t pull through. You feel helpless. You feel sad, alone and disappointed.

You can’t avoid being hurt. And God will never help you avoid such feelings.

Do you know why?

“God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so,

people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:11


God created everything that is around us, including ourselves. Think about rats, spiders, or skunks. People usually don’t like to be around them: they are ugly, they smell bad, they are even frightening.

But aren’t they the creation of God as well?

There are no ugly things in the world. There are no negative feelings. Every single thing we encounter in our lives is wonderful in its own way, at its own time. We must find the strength to notice and embrace the beauty of it all.

A tear rolling down the cheek. A scream of desperation. A nostalgic smile. There is beauty in all of these emotions.


But do you know what’s the most beautiful part?